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Vitamin Injections

What are Vitamin Injections?

In recent years, vitamin injections have gained immense popularity because they help patients maintain optimal health. Instead of treating skin conditions and health problems when they arise, vitamin injections help you maintain the optimal nutritional balance to prevent health conditions from arising. Instead of acquiring the necessary vitamins from numerous oral supplements, you can get all the essential vitamins with one injection.

Vitamin injections involve the direct delivery of personalized vitamin concoctions into your bloodstream. This allows the vitamins to bypass your digestive system and enter the bloodstream immediately, ensuring complete and immediate absorption of vitamins. While you must still maintain a balanced diet, you don’t have to fret about meeting all your nutritional and vitamin goals. We provide two types of vitamin injections — B-12 injections and glutathione injections.

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B-12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that ensures DNA synthesis, nerve cell health, energy production, red blood cell formation, and neurological functions. The vitamin is usually absorbed from animal-based food sources, and it enters the bloodstream after moving through the digestive system. People who can’t absorb vitamin B-12 or meet their daily B-12 requirements may experience pernicious anemia.

Vitamin B-12 injections help you meet your daily B-12 requirements. The shots contain high levels of cyanocobalamin, a synthetic version of B-12 nutrients. Vitamin B-12 injections are quickly absorbed by the body and enter the bloodstream immediately, helping you stay healthy and overcome illnesses. They also minimize the risk of heart disease, coordination problems, vision loss, infertility, neurocognitive disorders, etc.

Glutathione Injections

Glutathione is a natural component found in the liver and various fruits and vegetables, such as avocado, squash, garlic, onions, etc. It’s an antioxidant that removes free radicals and toxins from your body, keeping you healthy. As such, glutathione deficiencies can make your skin look dull and tired, cause exhaustion and leathery, and make you more vulnerable to diseases.

The glutathione treatment can increase your energy and stamina, detoxify your body, and improve the appearance of your skin. Glutathione may be used as a supplement to office procedures and skincare to help you achieve (and maintain) a brighter and glowing complexion.

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Vitamin Injections at Prejuvenation Aesthetics

Prejuvenation Aesthetics is a luxurious medical spa that believes in the power of proactive and preventative treatments. We’re firm adherents of the adage, “prevention is better than cure.” To that end, we provide highly personalized vitamin injections to help you maintain optimal health and wellness at all times. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your vitamin injection options in Leesburg, VA, today.

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