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What is Radiesse?

Prejuvenation Aesthetics offers Radiesse in Ashburn & Leesburg. Radiesse is an FDA-approved dermal filler that restores lost facial volume, reverses the signs of aging, and smoothens moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds (lines running from the corners of the nose to the mouth). It’s made of special components that activate your body’s innate ability to produce collagen, which, in turn, makes your skin look tighter and smoother.

portrait of a woman after Radiesse in Ashburn & Leesburg

Reverse Signs of Aging with Radiesse

Collagen is a protein fiber that makes your skin look soft, smooth, and firm, freed from fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. It holds your skin upright and resists the gravitational pull, thereby preventing facial sagging. However, as you grow older, your body’s ability to produce new collagen fibers is compromised, leading to facial wrinkles and sagging skin.

Radiesse is composed of calcium-based microspheres readily available within the human body. These calcium-based microspheres add volume underneath your skin tissues, but, more importantly, they activate your body’s dormant collagen production capabilities. Over time, your body produces new collagen fibers to reverse the signs of aging and make you look younger. For this reason, Radiesse in Ashburn & Leesburg is a popular choice with our clients.

What does Radiesse Treat?

  • Loss of volume in the face and the back of hands
  • Sagging cheeks, jawline, and jowls
  • Facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Nasolabial folds (running from the corners of the nose to the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (running from the corners of the mouth to the chin)

The Benefits of Radiesse

  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Encourage collagen production
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • No pain or discomfort
  • No major side effects
  • No complications
  • No downtime
  • Naturalized results
  • Instant results
  • Long-lasting results

Your Radiesse Experience


Your Radiesse experience starts with a personal consultation with our cosmetic provider. She carefully examines your facial skin, discusses your goals, and curates the ideal Radiesse treatment plan for you to ensure natural results.


Your facial skin is cleansed, and a numbing gel is applied to the treatment areas to ensure comfort. The Radiesse injection is strategically delivered into the targeted facial tissues to provide an instant lift and activate collagen production. You may need multiple injections.

Side Effects

You may experience mild redness, swelling, discomfort, and itching around the injection sites for a few days. But the procedure doesn’t involve downtime, and you can resume your daily activities the moment you leave the medical spa. You should, however, avoid strenuous activities.


Radiesse produces instant results, like most dermal fillers. Your skin will look fuller and smoother. Radiesse also activates natural collagen production, so the results will continue improving over several months as your body produces new collagen fibers. The results last for more than a year.

Hyperdilute Radiesse

Ushering in a new era of rejuvenation, we’ve taken Radiesse to new heights with our innovative Hyperdilute technique. By seamlessly blending this exceptional filler with saline and lidocaine, we craft a sublime elixir, thinning the consistency and increasing the product volume. Hyperdilute Radiesse increases the effectiveness of Radiesse towards improving skin laxity and texture and restoring lost volume almost anywhere on the body, including the neck, décolleté, inner upper arms, buttocks, mid to lower face, abdomen, and above the knees. We offer Hyperdilute Radiesse at Prejuvenation Aesthetics as a testament to our commitment to timeless beauty.

Radiesse at Prejuvenation Aesthetics

Prejuvenation Aesthetics is a luxurious medical spa led by Shannon Synoracki, a board-certified and nationally recognized cosmetic physician assistant with decades of experience in the cosmetic industry. She specializes in providing personalized treatments that provide the desired results without leaving any traces of cosmetic work. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment with Radiesse in Ashburn & Leesburg, VA.

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